Classic Vanilla sponge

This cake is a real treat. It’s made with butter and as such has a really moist, rich, melt in your mouth taste! This cake is teamed with fresh Madagascan vanilla buttercream, jam preserve is optional (a real hit with the kids)! Other fillings include lemon or orange buttercream. 

Raspberry or Strawberry Infused Vanilla Sponge

Like the classic vanilla cake only this time the cake is infused with natural freeze-dried powders to pack a punch! Paired with raspberry or strawberry buttercream this is one of our clients favourites.

Chocolate cake

This chocolate cake ticks all the boxes for a chocolate lover. Lovely and moist and ever so chocolatey! This is perfect with Mr Whippy style chocolate ganache or Madagascan vanilla buttercream. We can even pep it with a splash of Baileys Irish Cream -my fave!

Chocolate Mud Cake

Not to be confused with the cake above, this one is the King of chocolate cakes!  Love brownies? Well this cake is a cross between a cake and a rich gooey brownie! Melt in your mouth. You might want to order extra because your guests will want more! The key to this is the Belgian chocolate that is used in the recipe! This is paired with a fluffy chocolate ganache or classic vanilla buttercream.

Chocolate Variations

Include chocolate orange, chocolate mint, chocolate and cardamom, salted caramel (oohhhhh so nice).

red Velvet Cake

If the chocolate mud cake is the king of chocolate cakes this variant is the Queen! Lovely and moist with a hint of red. The basis of this cake is the same as the chocolate cake but is made with buttermilk and as such is not so chocolatey but has a more mild flavour. This goes well with classic vanilla buttercream flavoured with cream cheese.

Luscious Lemon Cake

This is my favourite cake! It’s a really zesty, fresh tasting cake. Like the classic vanilla cake it’s made with butter and is lovely and rich. It’s also got fresh lemon zest and lemon juice in the recipe. Once out of the oven it’s drizzled with lemon syrup which gives it a wonderful melt in your mouth experience. This is teamed with lemon curd and lemon or vanilla buttercream!

Carrot Cake

Beautiful carrot cake baked with grated carrots of course! This is perfect for any celebration. This is paired with an orange buttercream to give it the oh so moreish quality! Due to the moisture content this is only suitable as a single tier or kitchen cake.

Coconut & Lime Cake

This is to die for. Seriously. If you think you don’t like coconut this cake will change your mind. It’s absolutely delicious and moist. Its paired with a lime curd and vanilla buttercream.

Toffee Cake

This is another big hit, people rave about this cake well after its been polished off! It has a delicious toffee taste. It’s usually requested with vanilla buttercream with a drizzle of caramel sauce! This gem of a cake goes really well paired with Baileys Irish cream! Just saying!

Rich Fruit Cake

A true hit with the grannies (only kidding)! This recipe is the one fruit cake that I do like. It’s doctored with plenty of brandy and baked well in advance so that it’s lovely and boozy by the time it's served.

Don't see a flavour you would like?

These cake flavours are just a snapshot of what we do, these are the tried and tested, and loved cakes by our clients. However, if you fancy something a little more exotic I can cater to your needs, just ask.

Food Allergies / Special Diet Cakes

I don’t cater for nut or egg allergies due to health and safety risks (I bake a lot of goodies that contain nuts) but I do cater for gluten- free diets. Most of my recipes and flavours above can be adapted so please enquire if you are unsure.